SEB Athletic Booster Club


The SEB Athletic Booster Club exists as a support group to encourage parent, family and community participation in Southeast Bulloch Middle and High School athletic events, to foster sportsmanship and ethical conduct, and to raise funds to enhance and expand Southeast Bulloch Middle & High School athletic programs that are available to each individual student.


The benefits that youth receive from playing sports is widely known, but not all of those benefits are as obvious as their physical health and well-being. Internally, they get a sense of belonging when they are a part of a larger group. Teamwork on and off the field leads to better leadership skills, better decision-making along with stress relief and mental wellness. It also encourages them to persevere for success, but can help them learn to deal with disappointment as well, making them well-rounded adults.

As boosters, our support of the schools helps to provide the resources needed to shape and mold these student-athlete’s experiences into a positive one. With continued growth in our community and schools, it is vital that we as a booster program continue to grow alongside the student population in order to keep our student-athletes competitive in their sport.

I’d like to thank all the businesses and individuals who have given monetary donations, but also their support and the donation of their time to reinforce our athletic programs at Southeast Bulloch. Our sincere appreciation goes to the coaches for their time and dedication to the growth and development of our student-athletes. Without them, there would be no team. If you are considering a donation to the SEB Athletic Booster Club, we are grateful for your consideration.

Denys Miller, President of Jacket Club